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SCTP President’s Newsletter September 2017
Dear Members and Colleagues,

WOW!!  I don’t know about you, but Phil Rodriquez’s talk about cyber scams REALLY scared me!!  I had my IT man come over immediately to check everything out on our office computers.  AND we installed some more Malware just to be safe!!  I’ve read several articles about the IRS Security Summit launching “Don’t Take the Bait” Education Campaign aimed at Tax Preparers.  The series will last 10 weeks from July 11th through September 12th.  Details are on their website (  I think that if most of us had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars we’d be out of business and bankrupt!!
Another subject that we need to pay attention to is ITINS.  At the end of 2017  ITINS with middle digits of 70, 71, 72 or 80 will expire.  The IRS should be sending notices to those affected by this later this summer (in the form of CP-48 notice). Also if an ITIN has not been used at least once in the last three consecutive years, it will need to be renewed as well.  To renew these you must complete a IRS official Form W-7, checking the box “Renew an Existing ITIN” and mail it to IRS.

Remember to register for our mini seminar scheduled for Wednesday 10-25-17.  Gene Ostermiller will be speaking on NOLs,  Schedule’s C & E.  These are all subjects that members have asked for.  And we will get 6 hours of education credit with 2 hours designated for CA in time for our license renewals.  

Our next meeting is a joint meeting with CSEA on Wednesday 9-13-17 with Jane Ryder speaking on Compensatory Stock Benefits   I’m looking forward to both of these events.




Joanne Schroeder, SCTP President