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SCTP President’s Newsletter November 2017
Dear Members and Colleagues,


Hi everyone!  Here we are again going into the holiday season and getting closer to yet another tax season!!  WOW doesn’t time go by fast when you’re having fun?

I hate to bring it up again, but I certainly hope that employers and insurance companies know what they are supposed to do or not do with regard to those 1095 forms.  They were a nightmare last year.

For our December 13th meeting we have Lydia Stewart coming to speak for the first hour.  I’m certain she will have great information to share for any state of California updates.  The second portion of the meeting will be a social hour for our holiday celebration. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Our yearly update this year will be on Friday January 12th at the Handlery Hotel.  We have decided to bring Eugene Ostemiller back to conduct this meeting for us.  He is a very dynamic speaker and was well received for our special mini seminar in October.  We are also hoping to have a special problem solving session going on in a separate room for anyone needing this type of thing. Debra Falcone will be in charge of this problem solving session.  She is our Taxpayer Advocate from IRS.  You will need to contact Jack Miller to set up an appointment for a session with Debra.  Please do so as soon as possible so that we know if the response is going to be great enough to book this extra room and have Debra set aside her day for us.  It’s a perfect time to discuss any problems that you might have come across last tax season or might even still be having now.


Joanne Schroeder, SCTP President