Quick Finders

Quick Finder Special

This is special low, low, low, rollback pricing that is only available this year and only through SCTP!!!  Through some unique circumstances, SCTP has been able to offer you prices far below anyone else and less than 3 years ago. For example, an individual 1040 Quick Finder might cost you as much as $59.00 including tax and shipping, now through SCTP it is $41.00 for the same book.

That’s not all!!!  You can now order it right here right now online by using the form below.

Or if you prefer the traditional way and just print the form and mail, fax or email the order. 

Just another example of SCTP working for you!!

For questions regarding the Quick Finders, contact Tom Groel:

BEST TEAM TAX c/o Tom Groel, 8680 NAVAJO RD, STE 106, SAN DIEGO, CA. 92119
Phone: 619-698-9191 Fax: 619-698-9199,  or email Tom