SCTP Education Calendar 2018


12-Jan-182017 Year End UpdateEugene Ostermiller,EA6 hours of Tax Law education
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Dinner MeetingCyber SecurityJohn Caruthers2 hrs. Tax Law Update
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Dinner MeetingCurrent Issues
Future Issues
Earned Income Tax Credit - EITC
Fraud and Identity Theft-Communicate with FTB
Lila Fedler2 hrs. CA
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Dinner MeetingCost Recovery Systems & Qualified Opportunity ZonesBrett Hansen with Cost Segregation Authority2 hrs. Tax Law
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Dinner MeetingEthics
Learn and discuss expansion of Due Diligence requirements under § 6695(g) as a result of the 2015 PATH Act.
Update on scope and application of 31 U.S.C. § 330 and Cir. 230.
Discuss best practices to ensure compliance with applicable ethical requirements.
Explore IRS return preparer projects and process for practitioner discipline.
Kevan McLaughlin2 hrs. Ethics
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Dinner MeetingCurrent tax legislation & year-end tax planning.
How are you dealing with Tax Reform?
Do you expect your practice to change?
How are you preparing for tax season?
Are you doing more tax planning than usual due to Tax Reform?
California Tax Reform Conformity?
Do you have questions about Tax Reform?
Wayne Otchis, CPA2 hrs. Tax Law
10/10/2018DARK no meetingDARK DARK no meeting
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SCTP Mini SeminarBusiness Entities Updated for TCJA (2-hrs Tax Update) Rentals/Schedule E (2-hrs Tax Law)Jane Ryder, EA4-hours (2-hrs Tax Update/2-hrs Tax Law)
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Dinner MeetingNew partnership audit rules, how they will effect tax planning risks and opportunities. Handling IRS Audits, New Developments with IRS & FTB CollectionsMitchell B. Dubick- Joshua Katz2 hrs. (1 Hour Tax Law / 1 Hour Tax Update)
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Dinner Meeting-Holiday partyRetirement
What is the story you keep telling yourself about money?
Does your story align with your personal reality?
o When is saving for your kid’s college is a bad idea?
When is a growing economy & rising stock market a very bad thing.
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Fred Wollman, CFP, MPAS1 hr- Tax Update
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“2018 Year End Update”Many great topics will be covered. See the complete list on our website. Click here for list of topicsEugene Ostermiller, EA.7 Hours Total / Federal Tax Law 6hr / CA Law / 1 hr

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